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Both Chanel's Lambskin leather and Chanel's Caviar Leather are offered in many, fascinating the colors! / Photo by Secondhandbags

Chanel not only stands for a unique processing quality, but is also characterized by the use of exclusively best materials. In addition to somewhat more unusual materials such as velvet, tweed, denim, cotton jersey and also plastics, especially leather types, such as the soft lambskin leather or the robust, fine, fine -tough Caviar Leather a legendary reputation. We provide the best -known leather varieties of the traditional French company and its variants in this Secondhandbags Article before! 

1. Chanel Lambskin leather:

Chanel’s Lambskin leather Like its fine shine and has a soft handle. It is used for many bags of the house, often the leather Chanel's diamond quilts, which ensures a very special look. The Leather is known for its soft grip and is considered something more sensitive than Caviar Leather. Probably the most used leather from Chanel. With Iridescent Lambskin Leder there is also another quite new leather variant, which knows how to please with a metallic effect, which has a slightly different color depending on the viewing angle. The right hardware with a rainbow effect is also called Iridid ​​Cent and imitates the shimmering image of an oil film.

A popular variant of the Lambskin leather are aged Lambskin and Crinkled Lambskin leather. It has a vintage look with fine folds from house. This leather is mainly used in the pockets of the 2.55 Reissue series. The leather is offered in many colors and stands for a very special Chanel look.

Chanel Lambskin leather:

Chanel Lambskin leather
Red and black Chanel Lambskin leather find the broadest distribution in its category. / Photo by Secondhandbags

2. Chanel Caviar Leather:

Probably the most popular leather in the house bears the name due to its fine texture Caviar remind. Caviar Leather has the reputation of being special and also keep the shape after years to be able to.

Irididcent Caviar leather Is a little softer and has a finer texture that the Bag Together with a clear finish, gives a somewhat shiny picture. So -called Soft Caviar leather Is a little softer again under control and, like the latter leather, has a somewhat finer grain. The leather is particularly used for bags from Chanel's Boy series. 

By 2000 everyone was Caviar Bags made of a single, stable leather variety. With the Chanel Classic flaps and the WOC's, this calf leather still finds its use today. Since 2000, the leather has been somewhat adapted to the collection and certain designs every year. While the leather stabbed Lambskin bags often becomes a little flatter after a few years Caviar Leather thanks to its robustness the shape and the fields are rarely "flat".

Chanel Caviar Leather:

Chanel Caviar leather
Chanel's Caviar Leather white to please with a granular structure and a gentle shine. Pases in the color are most common, followed by a light brown or beige. / Photo by Secondhandbags

4. Chanel Calfskin leather:

Chanel’s classic Calfskin leather sets a nice compromise between the longevity of Caviar Leather and the soft grip of Lambskin leather. Despite the soft handle, it is robust and white to please with a matt shine and a fine structure. This leather variant is often used for bags of the Boy series. Calfskin leather is also offered in a variant with a metallic finish. Calfskin leather offers good resistance with low weight. It is offered in many colors, including more unusual with a metallic effect or a glossy coating.

Chanel's Glazed Calfskin leather also likes to please with a soft handle, The picture comes close to that of aged lambskin leather. With its delicate crackling look, the leather helps in particular bags from the 2.55 Reissue series to a special vintage look. The leather skillfully forgives slight scratches, the durability of the leather itself is close to that of Caviar Leather. Perfect for everyday use.

Chanel's Aged Calfskin leather And Crinklede Calfskin Leder know how to please with a gentle shine. Glazed leather is quite susceptible to scratches and gladly gets a few fine cracks over the years. It is precisely these “worn” look today appreciate many fans, which is why beautiful bags made of glazed Calfskin leather are in demand on the second -hand market. The leather should be stored with mindfulness, as the handle and chain straps leave their traces and the top layer of the leather of the Bag can replace.

Pebbled Calfskin Leather has a fine structure that the image of Caviar Leather comes close and white with a natural look. The look of Pebbled Calfskin Leather is a little flatter than Caviar leather And has fine wrinkles rather than a grit. This makes this calf leather variant well from Caviar Distinguish leather.

Chanel Calfskin leather:

Chanel Calfskin leather
Classic, black Calfskin leather with chevron quilting and red, classic calfskin leather with diamond quilting. Chanel Boys are particularly popular with this leather. / Photo by Secondhandbags
Chanel Agged Calfskin leather
Chanel's Agged Calfskin Leder likes his vintage look. Vie le colors are offered, especially bags with metallic finish Erlangen a nice shine, as the folds loosen up the picture a bit. / Photo by Secondhandbags

4. Chanel patent leather:

Chanel also leads its own patent leather that likes its intense shine. It is considered relatively susceptible to color transmissions and scratches. Pockets made of patent leather should also be stored carefully. As in the case of Glazed Calfskin leather, detachments by storage on the handles are possible. The look is unique for that! Dark leather definitely belongs in the ranks of the most popular leather variants in the house and can be perfectly staged as a single piece for a variety of outfits.

Chanel patent / patent leather:

Chanel patent leather
Chanel's own patient variant promises brilliant moments: in strong colors it speaks from the soul to the wearer. In black, the leather can be worn too much. / Photo by Secondhandbags

Almost all types of leather are in many colors and either with one Metallic finish offered. Depending on the basis, bags then have a smooth, reflective or a metallic vintage look. Chanel published Furthermore, pockets regularly on the leather, for example, one Out of shiny sequins and have rivets or colorful pearls. 

Find some pockets Goat leather its use, especially Suede qualities are estimated because of their longevity with a soft handle. However, the severe brain leather is no longer used in its original form of Chanel. With newer pockets this exists used every now and then Deerskin leather made of calf leather, which comes very close to the look and fur of real deer with a less weight. The grain of the leather is lower than that of Caviar Leather, which means that both types of leather can also be kept apart.

In addition, Chanel also offers Always pockets in exotic leather species, like for example Python, alligator, Or so -called Galuchate leather on the basis of which are the skins of sharks and stingrays. Of course, material combinations are possible with Chanel to generate a coherent picture. The most expensive 2.55 ever offered by Chanel was made of white crocodile leather. Of this Chanel 2.55 variant, only 13 copies were issued. The bags have hardware made of 18 carat white gold and a stock of 334 real diamonds. In 2007 the boutiques were already round 210,000 British pounds for Chanel's most expensive ever manufactured Bag requested. Hard to present how much money would generate one of the bags on the second -hand market. Provided that there would be any for sale at auction houses ...

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All these types of leather have seams to the most part as soon as they are shaped into the shape of a Bag were cast. Most of the time they show Chanel's diamond pattern or Chanel's diagonally crossing Chevron quilting on the leather. Modifications of these, the other "hatching" on the leather, are also possible. The Camilia Flower pattern is another sample. The camellia flowers underlying the pattern are said to have been the absolute, personal favorite flowers of Coco Chanel.

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