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1. What is PowerPay?

POWERPAY is a "Swiss payment processor specializing in invoicing" with whom we have entered into a partnership to give our customers the opportunity to buy on account and pay the invoice in full or in installments.

Things to consider:

  • When checking out, it is important that you select the payment option 'pay by invoice' and not 'Vorauskasse''
  • You will then need to fill in some details as PowerPay will carry out a credit check.
  • If you are accepted, after some time you may receive a form that needs to be completed and returned to PowerPay to proceed with the installment payment.

Information on payment by installments

  • Confirmation for orders over CHF 1000:
    Additional SMS code confirmation required.
  • Options for invoice delivery:
    Select the desired date for invoice delivery.
    Invoices are sent directly from PowerPay in physical or digital form.
  • Terms of payment for handbags: Payment deadline is within 14 days
  • Minimum payment: 10% of the sales price per month.
    The payment term is stated on the invoice.
  • The outstanding amount increases by 1% each month. If the entire invoice amount is paid on time, neither interest nor additional fees will be charged.
    Administration fees:
  • PowerPay charges additional fees for invoices: CHF 2.90 (by post) CHF 1.90 (by e-mail)

Note: Make sure you comply with the terms of payment to avoid late payment fees and adhere to the payment deadlines stated on the invoice.

2. Possible Reasons Why You May Be Rejected?

  • Age requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to qualify.
  • Verification problem: The account cannot be verified with the address provided.
  • Account limit: The currently available account limit is not sufficient.
  • Arrears: The account is in arrears.
    Information update: Notify the PowerPay team if any information changes (e.g. email, address, phone number).
  • Residence: The residence is not in Switzerland.
  • Address verification: PowerPay is not able to verify the address provided.

In the event of a refusal, you are welcome to contact us or directly to PowerPay.

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