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There are some good reasons for buying a second -hand designer Bag at Secondhandbags. / Photo by Anne R on Pexels

Secondhand is more than a trend. Our collective awareness of the finiteness of our resources is more sharp than 20 years ago. The desire for quality products has also increased. In this exciting intersection of luxury and sustainability, there was also a high demand for high -quality, used designer bags. In this Secondhandbags Blog articles we perform 7 reasons why they are carefree at Secondhandbags a designer Bag and what advantages such a purchase otherwise brings with it.

1. Vintage & Secondhand Are A Movement:

Fashion experimentation has never been more freely and more beautiful, because trends come from the middle of society today. A clear trend has been recognizable for around the beginning of the new millennium: people are increasingly drawn to flea markets, the markets themselves often have an extraordinary size. The number of recurring stand operators also shows that this trade branch must be worthwhile with apparently discarded. There are also increasingly specialized boutiques and online providers in the luxury area. Jewelry, accessories and cars are perceived by more and more people as design objects and not as wearing consumer goods. Fashion plays a special role here: overlapping trends and retrotrends lead to a colorful picture in everyday life. Inspiration can be taken from everything that makes sense and does not make any sense. Outfits with high individual meaningfulness can also be found or Vintage purchases lock in. Medallion, which is protected by the knight and proudly, can be used today Chanel Bag be for real queens of the big city. Nice that we can move so freely today!

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2. Find your individual dream bag:

Who doesn't know it: you have one Bag Discovered in the autumn collection and the time was progressing. In the meantime it is summer that Bag Would go well with the new, blue dress. Even excellent. There is actually no better one. Unfortunately, the dream bag is no longer available at the first dealer. Worse, there is not a single variant in the color you are looking for. Anyone who listens to the inner voice can be Secondhandbags Find your dream bag regardless of current collections and colors. Often the bags are in an exceptional Condition And often come with the original accessories. This can also be used to wear the new dress perfectly without having to switch to alternatives. Let the Dream Come True!

Some of our most beautiful Louis Vuitton bags:

3. Secondhand protects the environment:

We live in a world with finite resources, the feeling for the value of an object will continue to increase with increasing population in the future. Already today, classic cars and youngtimers are an exciting choice for investment seeking. Likewise, many older luxury objects often have a material impression that is rarely available today. In many areas of our lives, creeping transformation has taken place over the years and decades. High profits mixed with a forced feeling of sustainability were put in the foreground. The result is often products that have nothing more or very little generous with the call from old days. 

For this reason, second -hand purchases are often standard for self -confident design. This is the only way to find what is really desired! A wing door 500 SL will forgive some scratches. Likewise one with dignified Louis Vuitton Keeper or Speed, which after a while only develops the certain character that many are looking for. Many customers are surprised by the brightness of the Vachetta leather when purchasing a new one Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag. If this color does not lie, you are well advised with a Louis Vuitton second -hand purchase.

4. Design classics as a solid investment:

Uncertainty on the capital markets, even at first glance, does not necessarily make things that are understandable. And where there is a high demand, an at least constant price level can also be observed. Shares are volatile and the experiences with losses or the fear of it also leads to the desire to at least find the investment beautiful and to have it with you. In the worst case, a share is at some point virtually at zero. 

The forecasts for the luxury segment, on the other hand, are rosy, and demand increases. Certain luxury products are now also valued by investors because of their stability. A special position enjoy classics from Chanel and Hermeswhich are regularly traded at record prices. We always have an eye on the entire market and keep our promise of market -oriented prices. At Secondhandbags Can you also be sure that yours Bag was professionally checked and the expected Condition corresponds.

Some of our most beautiful Gucci bags:

5. Real product images:

Most of ours Secondhand Bags Also have little traces. Based on our high -resolution product images, you can get your own picture. We also classify each Bag with a Condition In one of four stages. A description of scratches and spots as well as any discoloration shows separately. So you can be sure that the Bag does not become a disappointment. Accessories such as shoulder straps are also listed according to the scope of delivery.

6. Guarantee of authenticity & authenticity card:

The range of supposed designer bags is huge. There are also countless running riders who want to earn quick money with copies. At first glance, counterfeits are not necessarily possible. Secondhandbags guarantees the authenticity of every sold one Bag With an individual, we exhibited by us authenticity card. They get them together with the Bag. Every Bagthat we offer, besides a quality check, also a Exam for your authenticity. We check the authenticity based on some characteristics, such as materials, processing details and serial numbers and ensure that only originals find their way into our offer.

Some of our most beautiful Chanel bags:

7. Only original!

Those who buy real second -hand bags also support the fight against product piracy. Freyred riders of large luxury labels wrongly remove high profits, the margins for often expensive bags are gigantic, with no detectable creative input of the involved. It has nothing to do with fairness. It is also obvious that compromises have been made in quality. So that the offer of these bags and other fake luxury items can be reduced in the future and the demand finally drops to zero, it is important to set the right signals. Only original counts! Whether new or second -hand is irrelevant. Who here for real Bag Grabs, makes his contribution and at the same time inspires his environment. Is your Bag Really? Of course, rarely these two words went over the lips more easily. In addition, with the purchase of an original, you often help smaller companies, such as us, to successfully and with high quality requirements.

Some of our most beautiful Hermès bags:

If you cannot currently find your dream bag with us, please contact us. With our Personal Shopper You can also give us a targeted search order to find your dream bag!

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