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Photo by Olanma Etigweuwa on Pexels
One of the biggest trends of the season: The look of classic school uniforms is combined with sweatshirts and sneakers. / Photo by Olanma Etigweuwa on Pexels

Winter is Coming Again ... Time to bring the cloakroom up to shape and adapt it to the current zeitgeist. In this Secondhandbags Blog articles we summarize the most visible trends that we were predicted on the catwalks of the world for the coming autumn winter 2022/23. We also give suitable recommendations that can best be carried by our pockets for these explosive trends! Because today it is easier than ever to give the outfit to the outfit with such an accessory. Trends are quickly confusing these days, and the long -lasting trend is still omnipresent itself. Therefore we take the closing word ahead and recommend freely according to the motto: everything can be worn as long as the Bag An exclamation mark sets! 

1. Oversized:

Casual cuts are characterized by many of the jackets and coats designed for the coming season. So that Bag Your choice in combination does not go under, it is advisable to lead bags with a certain volume to such jackets and coats. Whether in the hand, above the shoulder or crossbody It is rather irrelevant: the proportions and the colors should be right. From classic, covered colors to the neon colors already mentioned, the offer of such warming attributes should range. Business bags and Travel bags Also know how to stage themselves with their size and at the same time offer the advantage of keeping everyday life under control.

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels
It cannot be too big this winter: Oversized jackets and coats remember the early 90s, gladly in strong colors. / Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels

Our hottest bags for autumn & winter:

2. Color blocking:

Anyone who has seen Valentino’s PP collection will know what it is about: Strong colors that are so harmoniously coordinated, that only fine shades and the texture of the material make themselves differences in the overall picture. This year's Valentino collection comes from with a brightly shining magenta and is using further colors. Color Blocking is one of the biggest trends of the coming season. Where an outfit is, of course, none is allowed Bag Missing: combinations can be given here. Strong colors in particular, especially neon colors, are forecast as a trend for the cold months and will certainly accompany us into the new year. Which Bag Which outfit fits, therefore depends on this trend significantly on the color and on the occasion.  Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green or Red, You have the choice.

Photo by Renata Kelly Untaler on Pexels
Color blocking is in focus this winter with perfectly coordinated n combinations. / Photo by Renata Kelly Untaler on Pexels

3. Back to School:

Back to school! Inspired by the many school uniforms around the globe, this trend takes us back to school. Hide again in the last row or know everything in the front row. This season is learned around the clock. The elements of this trend are clearly defined: Blazer, blouse and tie are worn into short skirts, long stockings and school -compatible footwear or sneakers. It offers themselves Backpacks and Top handle bags With volume not to attract attention during the long break. A particularly beautiful example also set Gucci’s Sylvie Bags in the large variant. Not many bags embody this character so well.

Photo by Olanma Etigweuwa on Pexels
The School Uniform Look is also trendy this year: short skirts, blouses and long stockings are core components of the look. / Photo by Olanma Etigweuwa on Pexels

4. All Black Everything:

Black is back! Or was it ever gone? The color of which many claim that it is not a real one is also the focus this year. Anyone who has collected over the past few years should be cared for Since this trend focuses on the color black itself. Therefore, when choosing the Bag The color is decisive: Black Should it be! Advantages of monochrome outfits are obvious: It can be played and combined with different styleswithout being perceived as a colorful parrot at first glance.

Photo by Nadezhda Discant on Pexels
Ton in tone, also in black: With this trend, you can experiment with different styles! / Photo by Nadezhda Discant on Pexels

Our hottest bags for autumn & winter:

5. Art & Fashion:

Art and fashion are inseparable. It is all the better that you get so close this year that you will become one. The current collections of Louis Vuitton and many other large houses show a high level of creative input, inspired by the classic forming arts. Golden frames make the wearer become a work of art. Prints of paintings go a different way, but also create an extraordinary framework for the wearer with a high standards of individual style. Particularly playful bags fit in here or set exactly the right contrast! As well as many find Cooperations between labels and artists, more than ever. So we can be excited to see how different disciplines inspire each other in the future.

Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash
Art and fashion come close to this year: there was rarely so much creative scope for the designers. / Photo by isi parente on unsplash

Our hottest bags for autumn & winter:

6. Disco Style:

Disco, disco !! With this trend, the early disco of the 1960s and 1970s serves as an inspiration. Sequins, Shine and Leder as far as the eye can see. Perfect to capture the light of a disco ball and to distribute the color spectrum in the room and ultimately become a disco ball. Also Pushing From rivets and eyelets can give the right measure of shine to make the dance floor shine trend -proof. The color spectrum is open on all sides: Everything that can be recognized by the bottom of a champagne glass is allowed! The material of the hour is sequins here.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels
This winter can be shanned out: Paoves we will also see more often in the near future. / Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels

7. Animalic:

Animal views offers a much -observed trend of the last shows for the coming autumn winter season. Leather in all its variants is one of the recurring elements of the last shows. It is also used in different gloss levels for pants and skirts. It's a shame who is not the right one Bag owns. Especially extravagant individual pieces such as skirts and leather trousers can be taken up perfectly in texture and color choice and together with the Bag form a nice duo. Furthermore, natural prints also fall under this section Leopard pattern or imitation of exotic leather types, such as Croco characteristicsIn addition to shoes, handbags have a separate position in the overall picture, here jungle outfits can be exposed to the crown: whether with a suitable texture or a print that speaks the same language. 

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels
Exotic! Prints that imitate the structure and pattern of wild animals. From the Leopard to the rattlesnake, many of us should encounter such prints, also colorful. / Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

8. For & Fake Fur:

If the jungle is mentally too wide or too warm, you can also wrap into the fur of an animal native to the polar regions. It doesn't have to be real fur, art fur has now arrived in the middle of society And no longer enjoys a bad reputation. Rather, art fur has now become a popular material for designers, since its quality in the high -priced segment has always improved over the years. In particular, classics position on coats of this design Louis Vuittson’s Monogram Canvas and Fendi’s Pockets Zucca canvas a stylish expansion. 

Photo by Kaboompics on Pexels
It gets fluffy: whether real or fake fur is irrelevant, the artificial variants have gained enormous quality in recent years! / Photo by Kaboompics on Pexels

We from Secondhandbags Always give our best, an extensive range of bags tailored to the latest trends. Below is a further selection of the most beautiful bags for the coming autumn/winter season:

Our hottest bags for autumn & winter:

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