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As we enjoy the festive spirit and prepare for glamorous gatherings, let's take care of the often overlooked companion to our celebrations - the handbag. Here we share handbag tips for the festive season.

Let's get to the do's first:

1. Choose a handbag that is suitable for the occasion.

2. If you don't have a separate area for your clutch or small handbag, treat with the utmost care and place it on your lap and cover it with a napkin to protect it from food or drink spills.

3. Larger bags can be placed discreetly under your chair or hung on the back of the chair so that they blend in seamlessly without disrupting the flow of the festivities.

4. Mishaps can occur, especially during the cheerful toasts. Pack some baby wipes or a mini stain removers - be the hero that comes to the rescue (both for the day and the tablecloth).

5. Make sure your bag is well organized before the event so you can easily access your essentials at the right moment.





"...I keep my life in my handbag...

-Britt Ekland

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Now let's explore the "don'ts" of handbag etiquette for vacation:

1. Try not to overpack your bag, as a bulky bag can encroach on others' personal space. Choose wisely so that everyone has enough room to enjoy the festivities.

2. Avoid placing your bag and its contents on a table, especially at larger events. This can go wrong in many ways and makes your bag more susceptible to spilt drinks and food.

3. Treat your Bag with the care it deserves. Avoid leaving it unattended like a misplaced decoration, as unattended bags are both a security risk and a spatial inconvenience.

Further tips:

If you are going to a party where you will be dancing, take a bag that has a strap so that you have your hands free.

Have fun!

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